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It has been more than half a century since D. Modesto Pérez Fernández created his workshop and began producing hand-made shoes. In his son and founder of CODEOR, D. Celso Pérez Gutiérrez came into contact with the wisdom of good craftsmanship and acquired a solid base from which collections would be born as CONFORTINA® in 1992, which in a few years it becomes the first brand to market their specialty. his designs CLASSICAL, UNISEX, MYCODEOR® and subsequently SAFETY Codeor They have required new facilities and incorporate advanced technology continuously.
Today, already built the third generation of the family, products CODEOR They are present in countries such as Australia, USA, UK, Japan in Middle East and are benchmarks of excellence footwear for professionals.


Work footwear

CODEOR it is footwear for professionals who know how to care. Materials innovation, ergonomic designs and quality manufacturing have a single goal: your convenience.



Business Park Pereiro de Aguiar
Sector B, Plot, 22-23-24
32792 Pereiro de Aguiar
(Ourense) Spain
Tel.: (+34) 988 24 15 81 / 82

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Coordenadas: +42° 19' 29.37", -7° 48' 44.40"

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