We spoke to the podiatrist Alfonso Alonso on labor footwear.

There are many brands and models of work footwear. Serves anyone?

No, in fact there are a number of standards for the design and evaluation of technical work footwear. We must, for our health and safety, opt for those that have been certified in accordance with these regulations.

  • All shoe models CODEOR They are certified by EN ISO 2347 for 2345 for work footwear and safety shoes.

Is there more than one type of work shoes?

We can distinguish between security shoesWhich incorporates elements of protection and is equipped with bumpers designed to protect against impacts with 200J energy level, the protective footwear, Similar but with protection from impacts with 100J level of energ'dia and occupational shoes or work which it is intended to protect the user from injuries that could cause accidents in different sectors of work.

  • In CODEOR We have a wide range of models for every professional sector.

What other features should have good shoes work?

It is very important to have thermal comfort to prevent sweating, the sole is flexible and suitable to the work surface. Footwear improper work can result in injury or diseases of the nails or skin.

  • Work shoes CODEOR features certificate thermal comfort improving up to 200% of normal values ​​thermal efficiency of the market. There is a deal balanced Bodyweight by the manufacturing system by injection. The absence of glue in the sole, facilitates the removal of heat. Antibacterial templates are used.
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And as health workers?

75% of working hours of these professionals is made up so it is necessary that the health shoe fits movements, providing a propulsive motion and is light, thereby reducing fatigue and fatigue. In any case, these features are extensible to any professional footwear.

  • Another feature of the shoe CODEOR is the biomechanical comfort: Energy absorption in the heel area, adapting to the running phase with excellent articular comfort.
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And safety shoes?

In our practice we attend to patients who have problems arising from inadequate safety footwear. Protective footwear which can not be at odds with the fact that it is flexible, light and fresh.

  • Like the other models, safety footwear CODEOR certificate has Thermal comfortAvoiding excessive sweating. On the other hand, their lasts facilitate the support of the foot without squeezing. Yes of course, light Y flexible.
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