The choice of footwear working in the hospitality industry

Professionals in the hospitality sector can spend long hours standing or moving continuously working on slippery surfaces, especially for cooks under high temperatures.

All this necessitates the use of a shoe that meets certain requirements for these conditions do not negatively impact the health of workers.

  • You must have a wide toe box so that the foot is not pressed at any point.
  • Footwear must be flexible to adapt to the continuous movements.
  • a good capacity for shock absorption and pressure distribution on the sole of the foot in order to reduce overload and discomfort in the usual back among staff hospitality is needed.
  • It must be very resistant to commonly used chemical agents in the sector.
  • It is essential that avoiding breathable foot sweating.
  • And supesto, with optimum slip properties.

In Codeor we consider these and other factors and therefore we combine design, materials and manufacturing system to offer the ideal shoe for professional use, in this case, for the hospitality industry:

  • The forms of our shoes are wide and get a balanced plantar support.
  • The materials used are noted for their quality and achieve greater thermal comfort, eliminating 89% of heat generated by the foot.
  • The floor is made of polyurethane expander, we say having a microbubble structure, because it is a mixture of two liquids together, react and expand catching air, hence its lightness and flexibility.
  • The sole is slip, with slip resistance values ​​well above the requirements of the regulations.
  • The manufacturing process is by injection, such that at the junction of the floor is cut with no stitching or glue, with perfect integration of the floor with the last.

Our models for catering:



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