In CODEOR we have combined our latest model the aesthetic characteristics of a sports shoe and comfort, quality and technology best work shoes.

We have launched our model

That is why from CODEORWe have launched our model Deportiv@sWith an aesthetic sport but, as in all our models, using the technology and the best materials to get a job shoes excellent quality.

Some of his characteristics son:

  • NANOFLASCH technology in manufacturing cutting:
    o No seams, increasing the quality of the shoe and improving its performance since no assembled parts with polyurethane reinforcements perfectly fused into the fabric front and rear.
  • Thermal comfort:
    or cutting material is a grid with full transpiration.
    Made by injection or without stitching or glue and, most importantly, no tail in the sole to store heat.
  • Comfort articular:
    or weight distribution of the body is balanced, so that it is not loaded in the metatarsal region.
    or shoe absorbs shocks produced when walking avoiding fatigue and / or joint pain.
  • antiskid:
    or increasing safety.
  • Washable:
    or pudiendolo out in this way, always sanitized.
  • Template treatment "thermitex"
    or retards the growth of bacteria that cause odor.
  • Sole made in two densities:
    or A party is in contact with the ground is hard and resistant, eliminating the risk of bending strength.
    or resistance to water contact or abrasive liquids.
    or material of the upper layer of the sole is light and flexible improving flexibility and increasing comfort.
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