Data Protection

Who is the controller?

Identidad: CODEOR, S.L, B32.153.249
Address: Business Park in Pereiro de Aguiar, Polygon 2B 22-23-24 plot. 32710 Pereiro de Aguiar, Ourense
Phone: 988 24 15 81
Email: info@codeor.es

For what purpose we treat your data?

The data provided to us via the contact form or email links are processed and incorporated into treatments in order to attend consultations or even to contact you by the means provided if requested.

How long your data are kept?

For data received through the contact form or email links to, your data will be preserved for at least 24 months. Once passed, in both cases, the time period indicated, will be destroyed by means ensuring that information can not be retrieved.

What is the legal basis justifying the data processing?

In the case of data collected through the contact form or email links to the legal basis of treatment it is to comply with a request made by the applicant.

Who your data is communicated?

Processed data will not be communicated to third parties except in cases provided by law and also in cases where such communication is necessary to provide the services requested.

What are your rights?

The data subject has the right to:

  • Access your data
  • Rectify your data
  • Delete your data
  • Porting your data to another Responsible
  • Oppose all or part of treatment
  • Limit the use of your personal data

Failure to meet your rights, you may file complaint to the Data Protection Authority in C / Jorge Juan 6, 28001, Madrid.

Last updated April 2018.

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